Garderica™ Collection

Faberlic Collection GardericaGarderica is created for women over 40, who might be at the top of their career, are leading an active lifestyle, want to look as young, and slow the signs of aging.

Typically, after 40, women may be busy with grown-up children and/or their careers, which can take its toll on the appearance. After 40, we begin to pay for neglect of the skin in earlier years through signs of wilting, deformations, and small dark spots.

Now you have a revolutionary way to combat the obvious signs of aging: cellular concentrated Garderica cosmetics, that is, symbiosis of naturalness and high-tech!

Plant stem cells gardenia stimulate collagen synthesis and reduce its degradation, protecting the skin from loss of elasticity and smoothing her tone.

Only 0.1% of the plant stem cells in a cream accelerates skin cell renewal by 80%!

Use Garderica for – regeneration and cell renewal to look 30 at 40. A series of fights already clear signs of wilting, hints of deformatstsiyu oval face, cleans deeper wrinkles. In addition, 40 years of age in women already there are small dark spots (as a result of photoaging, and other processes), so that the required alignment of the skin tone.

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