Our Values

Our mission is to develop each individual and make this world better. Our ethics are based in a simple rule of life: you reap what you sow. Those who dedicate time, energy, and life to their occupation, homeland, and loved ones with their mind, body, and soul unselfishly – ultimately reach their dreams.

At Faberlic, we encourage every person to pursue economic opportunities and financial independence regardless of education, age, or social background. We want you to reach your potential and achieve your dreams.

Just as a bird cannot fly with only one wing, a person cannot be completely satisfied being financial independent either. That is why Faberlic provides opportunity to grow professionally, develop intellectually, and find spiritual happiness. Our five rules depict our idea of a productive life:

1. Love your homeland, culture, and language








The land where we are born, our nation, and our people give us identity, inspiration, and energy. To make our homeland better, to become familiar with its history and cultural depth, and to advance its national character means to fill our own life with significance.


2. Reach financial well-being

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Material success is a base for many later achievements, as it assists to stand firm and feel secure in life. To reach financial well-being means to not depend on external circumstances and gain freedom to reach your dreams.


3. Promote unique goods and services

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We constantly make new scientific developments in the areas of cosmetology, perfumery, style, and health nutrition accessible to people. We make each product as if for ourselves and share our discoveries with you with great pleasure.


4. Be responsible for your and your family’s whole health

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Real beauty is born inside. Simple rules that change life for the better are: lead an active lifestyle, give up bad habits, mind your eating, and be positive about the world.


5. Develop yourself, people, and the world








Wherever we stand today, we have to march ahead. We expand our own boundaries and become even better by assisting people around us to reach their own goals and milestones.