Expert™ Serum for Eyes and Eyelashes


Innovative formula of this Lash Growth Serum provides intense growth and strengthens lashes, deeply nourishes and moisturizes them. Comfortable, quick-absorbing, non-drying gel texture doesn’t leave clumps.

· Panthenol improves appearance of lashes, conditions them, provides long-lasting hydration.
· Castor oil nourishes and strengthens lashes, helps them grow.
· KERASTIM lash growth activator stimulates growth, makes your lashes look thicker and voluminous, prevents lash loss.

During the clinical research of the KERASTIM complex participants noticed*:

· 100% – increased number of eyelashes;
· 82% – lash loss stopped;
· 50% – increased growth.

* First changes were noticed after 28 of everyday use. The % of total respondents is shown, research results are provided by Solabia Group.

Best before: 18 months from the manufacture date (see the package).

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40 ml


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