Weekend Thermal Therapy Restoring Face Serum

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The unique formula of the serum provides efficient thermal restoration to the skin:

  • enhances skin elasticity and resilience,
  • models and defines face contours,
  • restores natural glow and freshness,
  • can be used independently or with your favorite cream, for better experience.

Manage the circadian rhythm and look marvelous at any second!

Circadian rhythm is the function of any body cell including skin cells. Throughout the centuries this rhythm is set by the natural alternation of day and night. Stresses, irregular sleep patterns, dynamic lifestyle and even the constant contact with gadgets interfere with this biological clock, and it disrupts circadian cycles in your skin. The skin shows signs of fatigue, becomes stressed and irritation-prone.

Thermal Therapy Restoring Face Serum formulated with the B-Circadin complexTM and volcanic thermal water is designed to regulate circadian rhythms.

  • B-CircadinTM regulates skin cell renewal in accordance with the time of day helping the cells restore more efficiently every day.
  • Volcanic thermal water deep from the ancient French Auvergne volcanoes infuses skin with valuable elements and minerals.


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