Science at Faberlic

Rimma-ValeryevnaFaberlic takes pride in its own Research and Development Center. There are more than 30 patents for innovations in the field of cosmetology held by Faberlic.

Faberlic scientists constantly use scientific approach to improve products, recipes, and production of cosmetics to create truly innovative products that take care of your beauty.

We put the science at service to help you look beautiful!

Director of Research at Faberlic

Rimma Korneeva, MD, PhD Dermatology – I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University


Faberlic takes a scientific approach to recipes and manufacture of cosmetics, using the highest quality ingredients from the the most reputable producers of raw materials. We actively cooperate with the leading research institutions such as Cell Biology and Histology Department at Moscow State University and Sechenov Medical Academy for research, development, and clinical trials.

Our research has produced patented unique products such as .Oxygen Complex (Aquaftem®, Novaftem – O2™) that brings oxygen straight to skin cells. This ingredient is based on findings of Russian scientists from Institute of Cell Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino.






Our research results have produced innovative cosmetics bringing youth and health to your skin.